Future-proof your house with fiber

Installing an optical fiber gives you a powerful, future-proof broadband connection that instantly makes your house much more attractive to live in.
Via the fiber you will get a more stable Internet connection with a downstream speed of up to 1000 Mbps, as well as the possibility to connect services such as live TV that a standard connection can not deliver.
A fiber connection is an investment for the future, and a requirement to get access to future services. It increases the value of your property, and is at the same time much more durable and weather-resistant, resulting in less problems and decreased maintenance costs.
Sanuk Systems can today offer fiber in most of our connected areas in Thailand.
The connection is an addon to your existing broadband subscription. You just pay a one-time fee for the installation of the fiber, and then use it by connecting any Sanuk Systems broadband subscription.

Support and maintenancefiber

The Sanuk Systems fiber network is maintained and monitored by ourselves. There is no third part, besides the electricity provider in your area, that can affect availability and quality. The network is automatically monitored day and night. If an error or disruption occurs, we will detect and fix the problem as soon as possible, often even before you have noticed anything yourself. This allows you to trust your fiber connection even when your are not at home, which is particularly important if you have an alarm system or surveillance cameras installed in your house.
Service and maintenance is included at no extra charge as long as you have an active Sanuk Systems broadband subscription.

Delivery of your fiber connection

Most often it is possible to use existing pipes and poles to connect the fiber cable to your house. If you don’t already have an Internet connection or telephone since before, we may have to dig a narrow trench in your garden and drill a hole through the wall, but will then obviously try to do as little damage as possible. When the fiber has been deployed, we connect a mediaconverter and a wireless accesspoint which you will have on loan as long as you have a Sanuk Systems subscription connected to the fiber.

Installation costs

The installation fee for a house in one of our connected areas is 9,000 baht (discount may apply if multiple neighbours order together, and for apartments in condominums already connected with fiber).
This is a one-off cost. Service and support will is included at no extra charge as long as you have a connected Sanuk Systems broadband subscription.