Campus fiber network for residential communities in Thailand

Having a separate Internet connection for every house or apartment in your community or condominium is not only expensive, but also an administrative pain. Every household are paying their own bills, and there may be multiple different Internet providers pulling their cables across your property, causing chaos and frustration.

A better solution is to install your own fiber network, connecting all households to a shared common Internet access!
Just like you are sharing electricity, water, and roads, the Internet access is today a mandatory part of the common infrastructure

Inside your network you share common services such as TV-channels, a common fileserver, CCTV and WiFi covering the whole area. And every household gets access to the shared high speed gigabit Internet with business quality.
All of this on a single bill, maintained by your land owner or home owners association!

As an individual member, you will get access to a really fast broadband and international TV channels, which can result in major cost savings for the household. It is also much easier to get quick help if something is not working right.

Broadband Services

We produce our own services tailored for our customers. The TV-service contains lots of popular international TV-channels, and the telephones can be provided with a direct dial number in your home country.

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Download the service catalog

Sanuk Systems – Service catalog can be shared with community and board members when discussing services required within your common infrastructure.

How much will the fiber network cost to install?

The installation cost for an open fiber network is approx. 2,000 baht per household in a condominium, or 5,000 baht per household in a residential area.
Contact us for a quote for your particular area.

How much will the services cost?

Gigabit fiber 1000/1000 Mbps Internet costs, depending on the size of the area, about 300-500 baht per household per month, including WiFi and TV channels.
Personal support for users who want help connecting their devices to the network is included.
Contact us for a quote for your particular area.