Current event log

IPTVOlder IPTV-boxes sometimes show pixels and disturbances when there are lots of movements in the picture, or have no audio on some programs. This is because many TV-channels are now upgrading to HD (High Definition) quality, which older TV-boxes are not designed for.
To watch HD with full quality, it is required to upgrade the TV-box to a newer model.
The model number is marked on the sticker at the bottom of the TV-box; Older boxes are marked with ‘MAG2xx’, and newer with ‘MAG3xx’ or ‘MAG5xx’.
IP TelephonyThe following Direct incoming numbers were closed in March 2023 due to low usage:
From Norway: 21 62 89 65
From Finland: (09) 231 13540
Please refer callers to +46855118770 or +6633010806.
Scheduled maintenance window. Services may be unavailable.
Rerouting around a third party carrier outage on a submarine cable between Marseilles and Singapore was causing slow and unstable connectivity for some destinations in Europe.
2022-10-19–2022-10-20Multiple fiber cables connecting Europe with Asia have been cut in France, which results in that much of the ordinary Internet traffic between Europe and Southeast Asia is currently instead sent via the United States and Japan, with unusually long response times and slow speeds as a result.
This affects the connection to Thailand for many operators in Europe.
Local Asian services, and international ones such as Google, Netflix and YouTube and the larger European news sites that are replicated to servers in Asia are not severely impacted.
We expect that the network owners will have made repairs within a few days.

Update 2022-10-20 16:00 ICT:
The fiber between France and Singapore has now been repaired, and many services in Europe should see a significantly improved response time compared to yesterday.

The outage has been confirmed to be caused by a deliberate sabotage on the Internet infrastructure;
2022-11-02–2022-11-03Another cut of core Internet infrastructure connecting Europe with Asia was confirmed in the evening, forcing many European operators to divert traffic to Asia via USA-Japan. The longer route caused higher response times when accessing services in Europe, which could cause slow transfer and interrupts particularly in video streaming from servers in Europe.

Repairs were completed and connectivity restored 2022-11-03.


Since thunderstorms is one of the main reasons for power- and network outages along the beach, we want to keep an eye on that..;