Broadband subscription for your home in Thailand

You need a subscription if you live in an area connected to the Sanuk Systems fiber network, and a subscription is not automatically included in your rent or fee.
If your housing association or building owner has a volume agreement for Internet access, you should instead contact them for pricing and ordering details. Through the housing association you may also be able to purchase premium TV-channels including sports and movies.

The Sanuk broadband is a premium Internet connection with higher international speed, lower latency and more services for tourists and expats than an ‘ordinary broadband’. Sanuk fiber has a speed of 1000/1000 Mbps (1 Gbps).

A router with local WiFi for your home is included in all packages (ac1200: up to 300 Mbps on 2.4GHz and 867 Mbps on 5GHz).

Sanuk fiber subscriptions are paid per year. Choose between a Standard or Limited subscription, where Limited is suitable for homes not used in long periods:

Standard fiber 1000/1000
Includes fiber connection, Internet, TV-channels, telephone number and access to common fileserver.
Installation: Free
Yearly: 8,880 baht
Limited fiber 1000/1000
Price is for fiber connection only.
A ticket is required to use Internet and other services.
Tickets are available in our offices, at our agents, and online.
Installation/reactivation: 3,270 baht
Yearly: 3,270 baht
Tickets: 1 week 840 baht, 1 month 1,822 baht

VAT (7%) is not included in the above prices.
All subscriptions include unlimited usage of Internet, and priority both within Thailand and internationally. TV-channels, telephone number, storage and filesharing on a common fileserver is included if available in your area. Support is available in English and Thai during business hours.
To order your subscription, please contact us on or visit our store in Laem Mae Phim.

Then pick your options:

A telephone is available as an option for all packages.
Price: 8,000 baht
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TV-box to watch the included TV-channels.
Price: 5,800 baht
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A wireless router is included in all packages, but large houses may require a second router for full coverage.
(ac1200 WiFi: 2.4GHz max 300 Mbps, 5GHz max 867 Mbps)
Price: 1,450 baht

If you want to enhance your house with smart automation or CCTV surveillance, we can help you with that as well!
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