Sanuk Systems is an authorised dealer and installer of the FIBARO Smart Home System.

The FIBARO System is a complete  home  control and automation solution that delivers peace-of-mind and comfort through a network of cooperating sensors, modules and devices.
The Home Center 2 and Home Center Lite have a clear, simple and user-friendly interface making it easy to monitor and manage home or office. The entire FIBARO System may be controlled remotely via smartphone, tablet or a computer from anywhere in the world.
The FIBARO apps are available for iOS and Android mobile devices.

There are a number of Fibaro items that you can connect to control or monitor your home. Smoke sensor, wall plug, built in switches, dimmer and RGBW switch, door/window sensors, motion sensor, flood sensor and more. Also different control units such as key fobs, multi function button, swipe screen and intercom.
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Besides the Fibaro devices that can be connected to control and monitor your home, you find AC controllers, cameras, sprinklersystems and more.
If your community, condo complex or hotel is equipped with a private network from Sanuk Systems, we can offer the Sanuk Systems Safety Center local alarmsystem that alerts your guard or office on events in your area, even without an Internet connection.

Contact us in Mae Phim or Hua Hin for more details and a demo. We can bring the system to your area for an onsite demo as well!