Broadband telephone


Via Sanuk System’s telephone network you make and receive cheap phonecalls to the rest of the world.

You can choose to place a telephone in every home within your community, or to make it optional for the homeowners.
The telephone can be used for internal and external calls with cheap rates to the whole world. It is also possible to call to your telephones via toll-free numbers in many countries.

Homeowners can choose to install a portable cordless telephone, or for homes being rented out it may be preferred to install a fixed telephone.
The telephone costs 8,000 baht. There is NO subscription cost or minimum fee. You pay only for outbound calls.


Making calls using the broadband phone

Each phone has a unique extension number. You can call other phones in the area on their extension numbers free of charge. To make international phone calls, you dial the number in the format 00<countrycode><number>.

Download pricelist for outbound calls


Calling you in Thailand

It is possible to call your extension from an ordinary phone via an automatic exchange. The person calling the exchange will be asked to press your extension number to connect the call.

The following external numbers can be used to call your extension:
In Thailand: 033-010806
From Sweden: 08 – 5511 8770
From any other country: +6633010806

It is also possible to get a personal direct-dial number in your home country for an extension. The fee for a personal number is approximately 3,600 baht/year, depending on the selected country code and the regulations in that country. Please contact us for a quotation.


If you don’t answer your phone, the call will be forwarded to your voicemail. Messages will be automatically sent to your email as an attached soundclip. You can also listen to your messages by calling *97. Via that number it is also possible to record a personal greeting and change your pincode from the default ‘0000’.


You can forward your extension to an external number when it’s not answered within approximately 15 seconds. Note that you will be charged for the external call just as if you had made the call yourself. If you for instance forward calls to a thai mobile phone, the charge is 2 baht/minute for received calls.

Do like this:

Dial *61

You will now be asked to press the complete phonenumber to the forwarding destination, followed by ‘#‘.

To remove call forwarding, dial *53.

Note that if your phone or internet equipment is switched off, so that incoming calls cannot be connected to your extension, then all calls will always be directed to your voicemail without ringing your phone or being forwarded to another number.