Order Premium TV-channels

Here you can order additional TV-channels for your Sanuk Systems broadband subscription.
Select the channels or packages you want, and choose to pay for 1 month or 1 year in advance.
There is no automatic renewal; You need to place a new order if you want to continue watching after the time has expired.

When you send the order you will be directed to PayPal where you may optionally submit a payment immediately.
But if you choose not to make a payment now, an invoice will be sent to your email later.

Please allow 1-2 days for the channels to become activated.

True Premier Football 1: 260 bahtTrue Premier Football 2: 260 bahtTrue Premier Football 3: 60 bahtTrue Premier Football 4: 60 bahtTrue Premier Football 5: 60 bahtNFL Network: 65 bahtMotor Vision: 40 bahtTrue Tennis: 110 bahtCNN International: 390 bahtBBC World: 60 bahtBloomberg: 30 baht

True Premier Football 1-5: 480 bahtNFL+MotorVision+Tennis: 200 bahtCNN+BBC+Bloomberg: 450 baht

True Premier Football 1: 2820 bahtTrue Premier Football 2: 2820 bahtTrue Premier Football 3: 710 bahtTrue Premier Football 4: 710 bahtTrue Premier Football 5: 710 bahtNFL Network: 430 bahtMotor Vision: 1210 bahtTrue Tennis: 1210 bahtCNN International: 4300 bahtBBC World: 640 bahtBloomberg: 280 baht

True Premier Football 1-5: 5200 bahtNFL+MotorVision+Tennis: 2200 bahtCNN+BBC+Bloomberg: 4950 baht

Note: PayPal will open in a new tab, where you may submit the payment.
If you don't complete the payment, an invoice will later be sent to the house/condo owner's email address.